Faces Of The Nation

Dubai Festival City

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Show your pride with Faces of The Nation

interactive multimedia installation


Dubai Festival City decided to host their biggest National Day Celebration in their history and was looking to create buzz for a one month period leading up to the national holiday.



Dubai Festival City tasked Imosion Creative with creating National Day activities to drive buzz around the holiday, on-ground and online. The campaign commenced with architectural lighting to get guests in the patriotic spirit, and culminated on the National Day weekend, when Imosion Creative installed a 2.5 x 2.5 m art cube within the central atrium of the mall running 5 bespoke motion graphic films we produced. The cube was also host to the ‘Faces on the Nation’ experience, where shoppers could digitally apply face paint in one of several National Face paint themes. Using augmented reality, guests captured their patriotic image and shared it online with the campaign hashtag ‘FacesOfTheNation’.


This was by far the most exciting National Day campaigns the mall has hosted. Queues to participate in the ‘FacesOfTheNation’ digital face paint were around the clock.