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We know all too well about the relentless focus on delivering results for
your brand. And that's where Imosion comes in. Our deep tool kit and
expansive expertise has proven, time and time again, that we can
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We’ve built our bespoke experience agency with bold creatives and technologists who thrive off of the same relentless energy in which we were founded — the right balance of grit and guts.

Instead, we go beyond the ordinary to evoke emotion and collectively deliver captivating experiences that shape what’s next.

Our Approach

We accompany our clients and collaborators along a journey to ensure their needs are understood and objectives are met, amplifying their original vision every step of the way.


We believe in creating impact for our clients. Its who we are and why we exist.


Meaningful connection between brands and consumers is founded on authentic emotional brand experiences.


Blending Disciplines frees and empowers our team of creators to dod what they do best “Innovate”.

Our process

Compromising of five steps with key stages, and disciplines our process is designed to ensure a harmonious, cohesive experience for both the team and the client



We take a close look into all aspects of the project and generate a detailed brief outlining the objectives, challenges, and expectations. Our creative team researches, develops and exchanges ideas for all new creative possibilities.



Initial concepts are fleshed out in too visual renders, mockups to articulate our overall experience for both physical spaces and digital assets. Approved concepts are put through extreme testing before it hits the real world.



Here is where our designs come to life and the project takes shape in too a more tangible form. Our team moves from design phase into production and construction phase assembling and building our clients promised experience.



This is where all the work comes together and all knots are tied in the space where our experience will take place. Here we install, program, rehearse and test our experience to our exceeding standards and the clients.



We blend the tactical and the magical and we launch and execute our live experience to the audience. Once an experience has commenced we are in quality control mode with the client every step of the way.

Our Values

Our Values

Here are the values we live by that guide us along our creative journey.
This is our commitment and integrity to every decision we make.

  1. Do the right thing.
  2. Question Everything.
  3. Embrace Change.
  4. Details Matter.
  5. Challenge provides opportunity.
  6. Think Unconventionally.
  7. Be a service Legend.
  8. Kindness and Respect Always.
  9. Be proud but never satisfied.
  10. Work Should be Fun!


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