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Dubai Parks & Resorts

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The campaign that helped re-position Dubai Parks & Resorts



The ambitious Dubai Parks and Resorts opened a record-breaking 5 parks within a few months. Once the doors opened, it was time to show the world what this spectacular destination had to offer.


Imosion Creative was tasked to show the world what Dubai Parks and Resorts really is. With 5 completely unique parks constituting Dubai Parks and Resorts, this was no easy task. Rather than try to capture the breadth and scope of the incredible attractions and facilities, we created a campaign to capture the special moments that could only happen at this magical destination. We set out to show moments of thrill, delight, surprise, wonder and romance at Motiongate, Legoland, Legoland Waterpark, Riverland, and Lapita Hotel.


For the first time, Dubai Parks and Resorts was able to reveal the unique experiences guests can expect from a visit to the destination.