Armin Only 360


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Virtual reality lets music fans be on stage with Armin

360° VR Film Experience


Armin van Buuren’s concerts is not only about the music. With epic stage scenography, choreography, and pyrotechnics, the concert is quite the show. Envie Events partnered with Imosion Creative to capture this experience, and the only way to attempt to do that, is in 360.


Imosion Creative partnered with Envie Events to create a 360 degree show experience for fans at home and to drive last minute ticket purchases. The 360 film was shot in different vantage points with stereoscopic sound, giving fans more access than they’ve ever had before: on stage, back stage and on the catwalk for the Armin Only Embrace show at Meydan Dubai.


Thousands of guests tuned in to watch the 360 concert experience.