Nothing Shapes You

Lexus NX

Content - Experiential - Interactive - Motion

Bringing Motion & Emotion to the groundbreaking NX launch



The ground-breaking NX was designed to be the ultimate urban vehicle. As a truly distinctive product for the luxury marque, it was launched it in the heart of the urban design district, Al Serkal Avenue. Imosion Creative was tasked with the design and production of the launch experience.



The NX introduction was designed in 2 phases. The first experience was designed as art exhibit taking guests through the brand initiatives, using interactive and multimedia displays. The second experience was product oriented and featured a reveal film directed and produced by Imosion Creative including 2D and 3D motion graphics whose story narrated the incredible design, performance and technology of the All New Lexus NX.


The NX marked a departure for the way Lexus launched vehicles, paving the way for a more experiential style of engagement with media and VIP.