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The global shoot that brought the first truly social campaign

Social Film Campaign


Lays wanted to bring a taste of the world to the Middle East. In coordination with the launch of international themed Lays product flavors, Lays wanted to launch a socially driven campaign to connect the flavors with its Middle East consumer base.



BBDO teamed up with Imosion to launch the first truly social regional campaign in the Middle East and the first campaign of this scale in the region to utilize social influencers as key players. We undertook the challenge to bring Arabs the chance to choose their favorite Lays flavor from around the world. We went on an epic mission to send social influencers from around the Arab region to Tokyo, Barcelona, Mexico City, Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro to face our Flavor Cup challenges. In this reality web series, each country team had to compete against each other to win the hearts of the Arab viewers who were following the series. The series aired online and on TV. We directed and produced all international and local production to bring this web series to life. Over 2.5 million Arabs cast their vote for their favorite flavor.


This marked a big achievement for digital marketing in the Middle East where using social figures and brand endorsements was rarely. The social content generated from these activities was used to engage with followers and encourage social voting. Every flavor had both an Arabic and English hashtag allowing for larger reach.




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