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The F-150 truck customizer that brought your dream track to life



The Ford F150 has been the best-selling truck in the US for 36 straight years, but has a much lower profile in the Middle East. Ford ME wanted to raise the awareness of the truck within the GCC region.


It’s not every day you get tasked with creating an activation for one of the world’s most iconic truck’s, the Ford F150. For such an exciting project, Imosion Creative wanted to create a truly breakthrough experience. The concept was to empower guests to create their very own fantasy trucks and configure its specific features. The experience was designed around the versatile nature of the trucks personality both on-road and off-road. Our RFID based Ford F-150 truck customizer allowed users to select a variety of truck features all the way from cab style, color, towing capacity and more. The core challenge was to deliver the most photorealistic 3D truck ever. Our Facebook online RFID registration system was developed to increase online traffic and brand awareness for the Ford ME Facebook page.


Guests from around the region got creative in designing their ultimate Ford F150 matching their specific lifestyle. This information was shared online as well as back to Ford to give them to the chance to get to know their customers better.