Project Details.

Imosion created an unforgettable event experience that took guests back in time to visit the original MINI soul. Our experience was inspired by London’s 1960’s originality in fashion, design and music which was central to the original MINI identity. Guests experienced the original spirit of All New MINI Hatch in a contemporary setting. Designed in an urban environment, with vintage icons such as original street signs and the London phone booth, we enabled guests to engage with the brand, and create memorable MINI experiences. One of which was the London photo booth called Moments of Originality in which users to chose between a Face Off feature, tracking the user's face and applying it to branded characters and an Instagram feature with special 1960’s filters. Of course, all the fun was sharable online and socially, as well instantly printable using Polaroid printing technology. Another popular highlight was the large interactive MINI Center Console, on which users registered, and learned about the new MINI Hatch, through an interactive catalogue and movie section. They were also given a chance to configure there all new MINI Hatch and share it with their friends. Lastly the spectacular reveal scenography, which was produced in high-end motion graphics designed to tell the story of MINI from 1960’s London, MINI racing heritage, previous MINI Hatch models and reveal of the new MINI the new original. This representation built awareness about the heritage of MINI, while maintaining a local relevance, all in the fun spirit of the brand.

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