Project Details.

Imosion partnered with Envie and Armin to create a 360 degree show experience, putting fans on stage, back stage and in the crowd for the Armin Only Ebrace show at Meydan Dubai We used multiple 360-degree camera rigs and 360 audio recording microphones to capture the show from places that fans would never have access to. This allowed fans to view and be right next to Armin's Decks, the front of the stage and even in the middle of the energized crowd. Our next objective was to get as many fans to see the footage of Armin in 360 as possible, we achieved this with our HTML5 web-player that allows users to view the content in their web-browser, mobile device or tablet. The hero platform was Samsung’s Gear VR headset, giving fans the closest experience to being at the show as possible.

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